Dead Battery

One of the most atmospheric records of the first half of 2015 yet comes from the Austrian, Tyrol-based producer Dead Battery.

The album’s title, “Recovery”, is not accidental – unless literal here. In April 2014, the producer had a road accident where his motorcycle was struck by a car and he went into come for a few weeks. After we woke up, he had to learn (almost) everything from start.

What he didn’t forget was how to make great music, as this “made in hospital” album shows.

While you can stream “Recovery” its entirety right here, here’s one of the highlights, a superb track called “Stay” featuring the Vienna duo Lea Santee, or at least its amazing voice of Lea Stöger.

Yes, you’ll hear the whole story in it. And yes, it’s good to have Dead Battery alive.


Dead Battery on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook.

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