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One half of our favourite Austrian duo Leyya, the Vienna producer Marco Kleebauer continues his solo efforts with a short but impressive new EP, “Sixty Cycle Hum”.

In spite of intense years with the duo, the 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist has been giving us some new  solo music every year first with “Bloom“, then “Zebra“, and now the five-track new release that contains “no sample that is not handmade, no sound that is not from organic origin, no instrument that is not played by selected fingers”.

The resulting journey through moods and sounds is a dreamy experience, which indeed never really evokes the word “electronic”. While you stream “Sixty Cycle Hum” EP in its entirety on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, here’s the first single off the release and one of its highlights, “If I Had A Mouth”.

Photo credit: Gabriel Hyden


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