Banda do Mar

“Mais Ninguém” is the first video from Banda do Mar, a newly-formed trio of Marcelo Camelo (formerly of Los Hermanos), the young singer-songwriter Mallu Magalhães and the Portugese musician Fred Pinto Ferreira – who’s also a member of Orelha Negra and Buraka Som Sistema.

Their self-titled debut album came out in August and is available on Spotify, but you’ll also find a few more songs on their YouTube channel.

“Mais Ninguém” is a song full of beachy vibrations with romantic lyrics sung by Mallu in unpretentious way. The video features the dancer Fezinho Patatyy doing the choreography called “Passinho do Romano”, a form of dance funk that has gained visibility in various parts of Brazil.

For more news (and photos), visit Banda do Mar on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also check the YouTube channel of Fezinho Patatyy.

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