Lila is the stage name of Eliza Lacerda, an artist who has played and sang in carnival blocks and vocal groups. She also released a few albums in Bossa Nova style for the Japanese market.

Currently she still sings in the Fogo e Paixão carnival block and in the group Quarteto Primo. But only now, in 2015, she released her first solo work as Lila.

The work in question is an EP of six tracks that bears her name, and was recorded in a house on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The album has a beach-like atmosphere, mixing MPB (Brazilian popular music) with electronic beats and experimental touches.

The song “Strobo” is the first single from “Lila” and has a very light and relaxing ambiance. Its lyrics evoke compelling images, possibly talking about a caring relationship between two people. Great song to listen to and forget all the troubles.


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