Trupe Chá De Boldo

Trupe Chá De Boldo is a band from São Paulo with 13 members. And each one is like a universe of references. Thus, the sound of the band is difficult to explain. They get their own musicality from infinite possibilities.

“Presente”, released in March and available to stream or download for free, is Trupe Chá De Boldo’s third album to date. It is also their most contemporary work, especially with regard to the lyrics that talk about current issues.

A perfect example is the song “Meu tesão é outro”. In the lyrics, she tells him that she’s not like his (many) properties. And none of those objects – his mansion, his airplane, or his caviar – turn her on. A breathtaking pop song with good lyrics in Portuguese.

Trupe Chá De Boldo on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

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