Cajsa Siik

Cajsa Siik made herself a name on the Swedish indie-scene two years ago with the vibrant debut-single “Was I Supposed To”.

And although she took a step closer to classic mainstream-pop with her second full-length, “Contra”, released this fall, Cajsa never lost her sense for embracing the tension this kind of music needs to be intriguing.

Her latest single, “Higher”, is what Cajsa Siik is all about: classic pop with a nerve making this song a monster. But the best part is that it isn´t even the best track on the album (which you can stream in its entirety on Soundcloud).

That shows her width, so make sure to not forget this Swedish artist that already made her way in to TV-shows like BBC´s “Criminal Minds”.

You can find Cajsa Siik on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – or visit her website.

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