Camila y La Máquina de Luz

Last weekend, the Quito-based singer and composer Camila Terán finally launched her first album, “Vértigo”, another proof of the liveliness of the contemporary Ecuadorean alternative scene.

If you’ve been following our recommendations for a while, you might have the feeling that Ecuador has become one of the most fascinating music scenes, with new talents appearing in all kinds of genres. But these days, the most fascinating things happen between genres, as the young singer-songwriter Camila y La Máquina de Luz shows in her debut album, “Vértigo”.

Recorded together with Camila’s band, La Máquina de Luz, in an old house in Ecuador’s mountains and presented last Friday in Quito’s Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, the record is currently making its way to the physical and digital world. But you can already listen to the eponymous single, “Vértigo”.

It depends only on you – the listener – whether you’ll call it a rock album or a pop song, whether you’ll find it alternative or jazz-y, whether you’ll find it a modern rendition of the folk tradition or maybe just give up and enjoy it, which we recommend most.

A minimal, then picturesque, and finally surprising video directed by Paola Granja is a perfect companion to this 3-minute masterpiece and a great summary of what we can expect of this new album full by Camila y La Máquina de Luz, which feels like the beginning of a great, colourful (even if black-and-white), thrilling adventure.


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