Paz Court

If Paz Court’s singing manner reminds you about Carla Morrison’s acoustic efforts from a few years back, there are a few reasons these two singers might sound a bit alike.

First, they were both born in the mid-80s and most probably grew up listening to the same folk heroes, both from Latin and American scene. But currently their music influences (and experiences) are as wide as you could expect of a 21st century artist.

They also shared collaborators, including Andrés Landon and Juan Manuel Torrealba (from Chile and Mexico, respectively). And finally, they’re both among the most talented female singer-songwriters not only in the Latin scene.

The song “No Somos Los Mismos” (“We Are Not the Same”) comes off Paz Court’s first solo album, “Cómeme”, released earlier this year with some crowdfunding support. A beautiful and intimate performace, its spartan arrangment only highlights the singer’s talents.


Photo credit: Pablo Montt

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