Hiperson (海朋森)

One of this year’s most talked about bands, Chengdu-based post punk outfit Hipseron, young and ruthless, impassioned and riveting, presented their confident and assured debut, “No Need For Another History” (我不要别的历史) earlier this year.

Vocalist Chen Sijiang, whose raw gasping voice is front and center, lays it all bare on “The Curtain”, a dreamy new wave post punk anthem flustered with youthful emotion and angst, albeit one with a more existential bent.

It’s a bleeding heart of a song – raw, uncompromising, and ultimately uplifting, perfectly complemented by its playful instrumental interplay that’s at once unruly boisterous and structured to a tee to keep theirs feet tapping.

You can stream “No Need For Another History” in its entirety here.


Hiperson on Bandcamp, Facebook, Douban, Weibo.

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