Pedrina y Rio

Friendly and gentlemanly. Talented and handsome. Never jealous. And as faithful as a pet. That’s the vision of a perfect man that Edna Arcila, the singer of Pedrina y Rio, outlines in the Colombian duo’s latest video “Serás.”

Completed by Javier Ceron, the Bogotá-based project has been gaining both acclaim and fame in an impressive tempo since their debut EP, “Flora”. And deservedly so, as they manage to combine Latin energy and melodic talent with the right sense of what a good (indie) pop song is.

“Serás”, or “You Will”, as Edna openly admits is a result of a broken relationship. Being free for a while, she let herself fantasize a little bit about what an ideal partner, and what a perfect love would look like.

But it takes just a few seconds into the video – a mockery of once-popular TV dating shows – to notice she doesn’t take her visions too seriously. And rightly so, as they are so obviously unreal.


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