The first time I heard Coronel, the words that came to my mind were: quality, color, taste, and of course warmth. From the northern city of Monterrey (a very hot place, by the way) come the brothers Juan and Iván Sáenz who make up Coronel. One of the most interesting projects in the independent scene of Mexico.

Capturing attention from the very first moment – maybe with mixed feelings – “Gris” is a great song to introduce you to this duo. Indie-rock-pop with a soft texture and lots of color, it’s just an example of what Coronel have to offer on their recently released debut album called “Doble Diablo”.

In its entirety, “Doble Diablo” – available on Deezer and on iTunes – mixes acoustic instruments with synths, and rock/pop with Latin rythms and a feeling of Mexican fiesta. Perhaps “Gris” might seem a bit melancholic. But if you pay enough attention, at the end of the song you will finally sense some hope.

Coronel are on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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