Born in Fidenza and based in Milan, Giuseppe Peveri aka Dente (“Tooth”) is one of Italy’s most interesting and elegant young songwriters. His lyrics, apparently light and a little naive, are filled with brilliant puns, irony and disenchant.

Fresh and modern-sounding, Dente is nonetheless an old-school songwriter who writes and composes his songs on his acoustic guitar before letting them take shape in the recording studio with his band of old time friends.

“Almanacco del giorno prima” (“The almanac of the day before”) is his fifth release, and the first one with a major label. Here, his unique composing style is immersed in richer and more refined arrangements, with a retro mood and hints of Brazilian music. The single “Coniugati passeggiare” perfectly sums up the sound of the album, along with its vintage-looking video edited from old 8mm footage.

You can follow Dente on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – or visit his official website.

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