Gallo Lester

Gallo Lester is a singer-songwriter and producer from Villa Mella on the south coast of the Dominican Republic. He also fronts a “mambo metal” sextet bearing his name and performing in full (animal) disguise.

Their truly unique new song “Mamajuana” is the first track you’ll find on the debut compilation of Bodega Island, a “group of indie bands,” as they describe themselves, “that take merengue, bachata, dembow, la guira & la tambora and do things with them that have never been done before.”

The whole record, titled “The Bodega Island Invasion: Phase 1” features artist from the Dominican Republic, New York, Colombia and Los Angeles, and is available in its entirety on Soundcloud.


Gallo Lester on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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