Helsinki-based group Feels needed just over 10 minutes of music on their Soundcloud to make many of us inpatiently wait for their debut EP, “Butterflies”.

The five-track mini-album is oficially out today and it includes their two (deservedly) viral tracks, the wonderful “If You’d Meet Me Tonight” and “Weightless“. Both gripping songs introduced the band as talented songwriters and arrangers, but of course Sofi Meronen’s weightless voice was the reason we wanted to meet them everyday.

For their new EP, the trio (Sofi’s accompanied by Mikael Myrskog and Jooel Jons) prepared two new tracks and simultanously with the big premiere released a new video for one of them titled “Smoke Signals”.

Just at the beginning of their career, Feels feel like fully-confident, experienced band ready to get international recognition, which we’re happy to help with.


You can stream “Butterflies” EP in its entirety here.

Feels on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, www.

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