From the Northwest region of Argentina arrives “Wax Hill”, a new EP from Benjamín Felicce also known as FELI.

In Tucumán, his home province, he commanded a beautiful band named Las Jóvenes Lechuzas, which released an EP in 2013. In his solo carreer, FELI is influenced by house artists from Chicago.

His latest relase, an EP called “Wax Hill”, came out a few weeks ago via the Abyss label, which showcases more “footwork” bands from the country.

The label themselves define this three-track EP as an “overdose of sweet and smooth Ghetto”. Well, click play to check out yourself and – we’re sure about it – dance!

You can stream “Wax Hill” EP in its entirety here.


FELI on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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