“No matter how much you love another person you can never really own him or her. It’s easy to say but it’s really hard to realize in reality, and that’s what’s the song is about,” Iisa Pykäri told Swede and Sour about the new video from her just-released second solo album.

Known as the frontwoman of the Finnish electropop trio Regina, with the new record titled “Kukaan ei oo kenenkään” (“Nobody is No One’s”) Iisa grows both as songwriter and performer. With rich, layered production she’s arguably found the best possible context for her subtle voice – one of the most beautiful in the European scene.

Just like Iisa’s clip for “Perjantai” from her eponymous solo debut album, the video for “Kukaan ei oo kenenkään” was directed by Miikka Lommi. In a series of symbolic scenes, he summed up the complexity and fragility of friendship.

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