Fonso is the alter ego of Lucas Difonzo, an “anxious and eclectic” young boy from the western surroundings of Buenos Aires.

He also is a member of Mansibal, but in 2015 he published his first album as solo artist: “Zugzwang“. With that title and that artwork, he quickly drew attention. Two years later, he published his most definitive record to date: “Some Plays“.

More ambitious, and with a more mature sound, “Some Plays” stands for spanning 27 tracks, closing in 90 minutes of music. Fonso’s technique, from the beginning of his career, is the collage. He uses a lot of samples: we can hear a Rihanna track, but then also a recording of the Boca Juniors fans at a stadium.

One of the highlights of this celebrated album, released by Yolanda Discos, is “Cuento las horas”, one of the few songs he sings in Spanish.

This track rescues and pays tribute to the ballads of mainstream Argentinean rock from the ‘80s and ‘90s. It’s not a big surprise he joined the compilation “Noches de Rouge” with a cover of “Virus”, one of the bands that defined pop music in our country.

Fonso describes himself as anxious and eclectic, so with every record he delivers we can expect a big surprise.

Stream “Some Plays” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Photo: Norberto Ayala

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