Imagine that “Blast” isn’t just another hit single from an established London producer who toured all the major festivals earlier this year, but rather the debut single from a French newcomer with just 21 followers on Twitter, 32 on Instagram, and 354 on Facebook.

Imagine that Faroe is just a nickname of a guitariste from Normandy, who is actually having his first concerts ever right now promoting material from his first ever EP. And that even though he’s played in one or two bands before, starting a solo career seems like a completely different thing.

If all of this was true, that would mean the first thing this newcomer did was taking a big leap over the heads of a throng of festival mainstays who’ve already remixed everyone except themselves. And that it’s difficult to think of what will be his next steps.

Corentin Ollivier a.k.a. Faroe’s debut EP “Words” comes out this fall. 


Faroe on Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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