Gilad Kahana

Although born in Mexico, talented writer and composer Gilad Cahana (גלעד כהנא‎) has been consistently developing his narrative about his real motherland, Israel, where he’s been living from the age of 9.

Even on “My Africa” (אפריקה שלי), his fifth solo album, he uses African continent only as a metaphorical scenery for his commentary on social and political issues he observes on the streets of Tel Aviv. Like in the splendidly animated video for the title song, which asks the question whether “a certain culture be perceived as better than the other one?”

Switching between English and Hebrewm also as the singer of the acclaimed group Giraffes, the musician – who ends 45 years today – has become one of the most instriguing characters in the Israeli music. And certainly an author of one of the best releases of 2015, possibly not only in the local scene.

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