Giorgieness are a four piece rock band based in Milan and fronted by 25 years old Giorgia D’Eraclea.

They released their first album “La Giusta Distanza” (The Right Distance) in spring 2016, after a long preparation and an intense live activity. After the release, they started to play live even more frequently. And now, after one year and a half, they released the second album “Siamo Tutti Stanchi” (“We Are All Tired”).

Their sound is strong and electric, and the songwriting is always melody-based, so the main point of interest in their music is the balance between energy and melody. The first album was more focused on energy, but now they lowered the volume and found a more organic interaction between these two elements.

They also widened the sound, as sometimes you can hear some synths, although in a recent interview, Giorgia said that 90% of them are actually distorted guitars and bass, sounding like synths.

Another important aspect in Giorgieness’ music is the powerful vocals that always contribute decisively to the big impact of their songs.

They evolved in the same way the sound did: in the first album, Giorgia is very close to shouting almost all of the time, while now, her singing voice has many more shades. Her lyrics are always related to personal life experiences.

Giorgieness are renowned as a great live band throughout the whole Italian territory, so now that the new album is released, a lot of people are waiting for them to hit the road again.

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