Beat Remvie

“These days a lot of people in Athens don’t know their destination, whom or what to blame, what the next day will bring to their lives. We must try to think positive and make efforts for the best”, Michalis Papoulakos told me few days ago, while we were talking about his new project, Beat Remvie.

In the last couple of months, everyone has been talking about Greece and the country has a huge and monstrous buzz, for all the wrong reasons. But young people continue to drive their lives despite the distractions and all these difficulties, trying to focus on the simple things of daily life – and to be creative.

Beat Remvie releases his first EP, “Live Well and Prosper“, via Flexibilia Recordings. Four delightful tracks of indie-dance music remind me of the old good days of electroclash and the French dance music of Ed Banger Recordings.

Funky and uplifting at the same time, “Break It” is a great outset of Michalis’ new effort, featuring lovely vocals of Yorgia Karidi, while Evan Handlet and Sarah P. (former singer of Keep Shelly in Athens) contribute also in the rest of the tracks, also offering their vocals.

The result bursts with ethereal electronic sounds, subterranean dance-pop and intriguing synth noises that clang to your ears positively.


Beat Remvie on Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.

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