Neo-psychedelia is a music genre that once in a while rises again, under the spiritual influence of the 60’s, with the cosmic neat sound of the Australian Tame Impala hitting the charts nowadays.

Whereswilder is likewise a psychedelic-leaning rock act, hailing from Athens, that released it’s debut album in December of 2014. Incurable fans of The Beatles’ “Revolver” and 90’s stoner rock, Whereswilder join forces to reveal ten fuzzy compositions, with heavy loud guitars and plenty of pedal effects that take you straight to the 60’s.

Meanwhile, Sillyboy’s summerish remix of “Nippon”, that came out in July, gives another perspective at Whereswilder’s song. Chillwave fans would probably love it, as it combines the retro-pop style of Sillyboy with the cool, confident melodies of the Athenian quartet.

Well, here we go with another nostalgic feel and vintage sound. If you are interested and willing to dive into it, just press the play button! Especially during the evening, as the sun sets off. It would be worth your while.

For those who are interested in animation films, you should definitely check out their wonderful video for “Bo” as well, the last song off their debut album, created by Out There and released few months ago.


Whereswilder on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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