Halo Maud

One of France’s most fascinating young artists, Halo Maud has just announced her long-awaited debut album “Je Suis Une Île”.

When we last spoke with Halo Maud, she just made the decision to continue songwriting. With each consecutive song she released, we were more and more grateful about that choice. And her 3-track debut EP “Du Pouvoir” only made us more impatient about her first full-length.

2018 will finally bring that long-awaited milestone for the Parisian singer-songwriter. A few weeks ago, she released a new video called “Du Pouvoir” (“Power”) anod announced that her first album will be released on May 25th, with the title “Je Suis Une Île”, which means “I Am an Island”.

We’ve been following Halo Maud closely since we heard her voice in Moodoïd and the prospect of getting her proper debut is a sufficient reason to be excited about 2018.


Photo: Andrea Montano

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