HÅN was born in a small town close to Lake Garda and just released one track so far, called “The Children”.

There’s a clear influence by Daughter in this song, but it’s not a copy/paste of the London’s trio style, as the sound is more stripped down and there’s more variety in the rhythm section, that goes from quiet to upbeat and back.

The artist says that the song expresses the idea of someone who runs away from everything already known, because of the consciousness that the comfort zone can bring a sense of oppression.

The track is paired with a video directed by Alvaro Lanciai, and it aims at showing a safe place (the woods, in this case), and an attempt to change that doesn’t completely succeed, with a return to the starting point.

HÅN’s first album is due to be released in October, via Freecom/Factory Flaws.


HÅN on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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