Hombre Pez

Classic rock n’ roll, psychedelic cumbia, hip-hop. It’s all in Hombre Pez’ latest.

“Extranjero” calls for an uprooting of our youth and a mix of all our cultures and sound, pondering if it’s of any worth holding onto nationalities, flags and borders while symbolically blurring the lines between psychedelic rock, southern cumbia and folklore for an album that is simultaneously nostalgic and extremely innovative.

The album also finds Sebastian Game exploring and connecting with a softer, more tender side on tracks such as “Canción de Cuna” and “La Sangre Llama”.

“Extranjero” is a more diverse body of work than 2014’s blistering, heavy “Los Humanos Ya No Son Tan Amigables”, which incorporates a much welcomed wide array of new influences into Hombre Pez’ arsenal of sounds, without leaving behind some of the heavier aspects that defined the debut album’s sound. A fresh change of direction that manages to feel very authentic, and at times even heartfelt.


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