Howling Owl

Latvian-Serbian duo Howling Owl is one of the most promising acts in the Latvian music scene (and maybe Serbian too). After releasing quite experimental pop EP “Dance For Common Sense” last year, this summer the duo offers a new single “Tic Tac”. The band promises that the song will “turn your summer around”.

Latvian keyboard player, singer Evija Vebere and Serbian drummer Lav Kovac formed Howling Owl just last year and immediately got national and international attention with artistically original and vigorous sound that goes beyond the traditional borders of pop music.

Yes, the band has released only their debut EP to date, but that opened Howling Owl a way to such noticeable festivals as The Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City. This summer they will also perform at the biggest festivals in Latvia.

Howling Owl’s first steps in the world of music have been unbelievably fortunate thanks to their musical sensibility. Howling Owl’s aggressive drumming, sophisticated keyboard playing and childlike vocals are in good balance, and these elements are the main pillars of their dramatically charged music.

PS. Be sure to see them live if you can.


Photo: Igor Izo

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