Having borrowed their name from a bird called great northern loon, a symbol of freedom, Himbrimi released their first song over a year ago and since then have built anticipation for their full-length debut.

Their early two singles, “Highway” and “Tearing“, which combined Margrét Rúnarsdóttir’s exceptional voice with powerful arrangements, generated enough excitment to let the band collect money for their first LP via crowdfunding.

While the album’s sound might be expansive, the lyrics tend to introvert most of the time. External influences shape who we are and how we behave, Margrét once explained. But music helps us get back to our core and rediscover ourselves.

Music also brings us freedom, and this is how we circle back to the bird Himbrimi, and also the album’s title. As the Reykjavík quintet also cherish their freedom to choose any sounds they need at the moment, they switch between monumental electronic chords, quiet strings and some old-fashioned dark wave.

“Give Me More” is the latest single off their 7-track LP. And just like the previous singles, it is a showcase of tension-bulding, as well as a chance to hear Margrét’s exceptional voice her voice multiplied and layered.


Photo credit: Peter Males

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