Ihtiyac Molasi

Ihtiyac Molasi have been playing since 1995 under that name together, which gives us an idea of who what we are facing right now.

After a few years of live performances, one of their songs named “Çengi” found a place in an important compilation titled “Sesimizi Yükseltiyoruz” in 1998. With this last step, a year later they decided to release their first album, “Milad” came.

Because of their progressive sound, they found place in many European radios, music lists and catalogues. They even have a page in Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock, which was a great online archive of progressive music world.

After five long years, in 2004 they released their second album, “1,5”, which consisted of songs with Turkish lyrics composed between 1993-2003. But then came a twice longer period – 11 years – when they remained silent.

Ihtiyac Molasi strike back at the end of the 2015 with another milestone named “Kapılar” and two videos with their studio performances.

Among them is “Kapasite” (watch it above), with lyrics that let you see what rock music should say to people. Reciting all the keywords of Turkish problems, they keep asking: isn’t there really an alternative?

I should thank them for being a great alternative in the Turkish music scene.


You can stream “Kapılar” on Spotify.

Photo: Erdal Mahir Cüran

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