Imed Alibi

“When I was composing this track together with Stephane Puech, playing on keyboards and responsible for electronic effects, we first started with that Btaihi rhythm.

It comes from old Tunisian sufi tradition and is known for its long tempo,” says Imed Alibi when we ask him about “Pour quelques dinars de plus”, the magnificent opening track from his new album, “Safar”.

“Then the melody came in with the western movie atmosphere. As if two people met in the desert, contemplating and walking with slow long steps, and then suddenly sat and played chess… I was imagining something like this,” explains Mr. Alibi.

“There was really no reference to Ennio Morricone. But when the track was finished, of course we found ourselves in front of this similarity, which maybe was unconscious. So we called it ‘Pour quelques dinars de plus'”.

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