Irka Mateo

Dominican folklorist and singer Irka Mateo explores Latin rhythms and sounds on her new album, “Vamo a Gozá”.

Music has no age and even less in a scene like ours. It is diverse, full of different sounds and colors, influenced by musical rebels who have created an almost indecipherable musical line full of fusions, rhythms and sounds; I refer to artists of the stature of Luis Dias, Toné Vicioso, José Duluc, Xiomara Fortuna, and Irka Mateo among others.

Irka Mateo serves as inspiration for a new wave of local artists who feed on the ancestral sounds and inject other discoveries along the way, notable in the music of artists like Riccie Oriach, Carolina Camacho, Vic Contreras, his own daughter Jarina De Marcos, for example.

In a few days, she presents her second production that will be called “Vamo a Gozá” inspired by the genres of Dominican accordion, the Caribbean and South America. The accordion is the protagonist of an album loaded with fusions of rhythms where we see an Irka exploring sounds and dance genres.

“Pecao Aciguatao” is one of the songs in which the folklorist and singer links rhythms of the world such as the Cumbia Villera from Argentina and Haitian Twoubadou, guitars that carry melodies of huaino or huaiño and some picturesque lyrics from our region, Aciguatao (indigenous word) = having contracted ciguatera.

Ciguatoxismo or Ciguatera is a disease derived from the consumption of fish or molluscs, for example shellfish or snails that in turn have ingested the so-called “blue-green” algae.

The music of Irka has no age, the sound of “Pecao Aciguatao” is an example of it, with an energy capable of being compared with bands like Bomba Estereo (Colombia), Combo Chimbita (USA / Colombia), La Gallera Social Club (Venezuela) or La Yegros (Argentina). It’s time to dance!


Photo: Jay EsPhotography

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