Isla Mujeres

Four-women group Isla Mujeres brings new songs recorded in their own home studio – between dream pop, trip hop and even rap.

Isla Mujeres is a band from La Plata, a city often cited as “the Argentinean Manchester” due to the amazing music scene it hosts. That city is the capital of Buenos Aires province and has a big community of students, so the music it gives often feels fresh and defiant.

This four-women group was born in 2015, when they published their EP debut “Naturalia”. Three years after their debut LP “Otras”, Isla Mujeres returned this June with “Secreto“, a stunning collection of ten songs recorded in their own home studio. Its sound is very far from the guitar-folk driven debut, instead they sound more playful between synthesizers: there are elements of dream pop, trip hop and even rap.

As the title of the album suggests (“Secret” in Spanish), there’s a mysterious veil across these songs. Though not straight-forward, there are some tunes related to the current feminist movement and the injustice women daily confronts. The vocal approach is always ludic: there isn’t any main singer, but three different voices. The delicacy of their firsts releases now is changed for a shape-shifting sound with a sense of freedom.

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