Yakamoto Kotzuga

Despite his very Japanese nickname, the producer Yakamotoa Kotzuga is 100% Italian. Born James Mazzucato, he has released a series of impressive singles and two EPs to finally share his full-length debut earlier this year.

Titled “Usually Nowhere”, the album was apparently inspired by the Los Angeles electronic scene (Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder roster), as well as abstract hip-hop music. But the Venice-based artist also finds some of his fellow citizens to have a similar attitude when composing/producing, including Populous, Godblesscomputers e Clap! Clap! and Godblesscomputers.

The single “All These Things I Used To Have” was released ahead of the album, rightly promising atmosphere, colours and emotions in the then-upcoming record. Followed by the video directed by Furio Ganz and Matilde Sambo, it is “a portrait of past and its painful resignation” based on a 2step rhythms, guitar theme and a neverending vocal loop.

A week ago, the clip was screened at the Milan Film Festival at the presentation of the most significant music videos of the last three years. “For me it was really important,” says the artist, “and for you?”

“Usually Nowhere” LP is now available in its entirety on Soundcloud.


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