Ivana Mer

After residing and creating music abroad, Ivana Mer returned to Slovakia to release her new album “Early Works” via one of the most renowned local labels Slnko Records.

On this compilation, Ivana collected eight songs she recorded “between 2010 and 2015 in France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

“Mereus” is the lead single off this compilation and it’s a truly hypnotic listen. Ivana’s vocal harmonies initially act as instruments, creating a dream-like atmophere. As the song progresses, subtle electronic production kicks in. It’s significant – it’s the joining of the almost-traditional melodies and the modern electronic approach.

Just past the 2 minute mark, the strangest of male vocal sample joins in. Surprising, absolutely brilliant and courageous. The song then slowly dissipates into silence, but you will remain hypnotised long after it’s over.

You can stream “Early Works” in its entirety here.


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