Like Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr’s Electronic, Hocori is a Japanese, Tokyo-based duo, which combines two unique music personalities.

Vocalist Yousuke Momono is the frontman of post-punk outfit Monobright (モノブライト), who once played as support act of Bloc Party, and last week announced their restart with two live performances planned for the next year.

Producer Takuji Sekine is also a member of electro band Golf and film creators’ group Sleepers Film, and Hicori’s another video was directed by himself.

Both Yousuke and Takuji come from Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan. And they both love Chromeo and Todd Rundgren. Starting from their common place, they’ve made a mixture of their inspirations – and appeal. You can check out their music tastes here.


Hocori on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, www.

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