This 5-piece has been around only for a year but it was obvious that this is a serious project from the start.

Jardier’s main author and singer Alex Raztresen has been working on it for quite some time and he brought together excellent musicians from different projects and bands. Their radio-friendly pop-rock fusion inspired by blues, folk, Americana and singer-songwriter traditions is a candy for ears with warm sound and modern arrangements.

Watching the band live seems like they’re in total control of the whole sound spectrum with the right amounts of everything – subtle synths, echoing slide guitars and of course vocals.

Alex offers quite a few emotional life stories with melodies that stay in your head for days. Their latest single “Pieces” (watch above) is an excellent example of their craft with a simple, a bit mysterious road video.

Jardier’s self-titled album was released at the end of the last year (check out our Best of 2015). And now the band is a must on stages around Slovenia. Luckily it doesn’t end here – start of June will see them playing the French festival Europavox in Clermont-Ferrand which is known for discovering new talent.


Photo: Uroš Abram

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