Vazz feat. Manca Trampuš

A hug shaped like a song, a low-key feel-good road trip hit.

On the Slovenian scene, Vazz is one of the most popular rappers of the younger generation – and rightfully so. The determined emcee values oldschool articulation on top of smooth, organic beats, and both serve him well to craft off-kilter earworms rather than bangers.

With two albums already under his belt at twenty-two, he consistently brings across an optimistic message, but remains street-smart – inasmuch as this may be a thing on the homey streets of his hometown of Ljubljana.

For “Neskončno dolgi objemi”, Vazz joins forces with Manca Trampuš, frontwoman of the no less popular indie band Koala Voice.

The collab was actually initiated by Laren Polič Zdravič, a composer working primarily in theatre and film. It’s no wonder, then, that the colorful instrumental fabric here should sound so cinematic. Like rain on a warm spring day, it splashes some gentle melancholy onto the sunny disposition of the song before letting it build up to a feel-good crescendo.

The title, “Neskončno dolgi objemi”, translates to “Endlessly long hugs” – and the song seems tailor-made for someone in need of one just like that. The slick verses of Vazz read like a list of all things worth our effort, hands-on as well as metaphorical.

Manca weaves some dreamy lines of her own into the non-linear structure, all of them catchy enough to leave us guessing about which one exactly the chorus is. Spring is forever, she declares in one of the hooks, and so casually captures the essence of the song: a simple, melancholy composition, right at home in an uncertain season with equal amounts of rain and shine.


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