Raiven studied harp and opera singing, but her current outfit is modern electro pop.

We first met the Slovenian singer, producer and harpist in 2014 when she introduced herself with a more pop rock sound which evolved into direction of electro pop in the last year. Most notably with the new EP “REM” which is a result of Raiven’s visit to London where she worked with songwriters and producers in the legendary Metropolis Studios.

Raiven gained her music knowledge playing the harp and she is currently studying opera singing and received multiple awards for her work in classical music. But she’s far from the classical sound with “REM” diving deep into modern electro pop productions with strong vocals. One of the best examples is “Širni Ocean” (“Wide Ocean” in translation). It seems she’s not afraid of exploring different outfits for her musical expression.

Raiven is currently preparing for her performances at the Ljubljana Pride Parade and the internationally renowned EXIT Festival in Serbia.

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Photo: David Lotric

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