Jerusalem In My Heart

Lebanese-born, Montréal-based musician and producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh started Jerusalem In My Heart exactly 10 years ago, but the project’s first album came out only two years ago.

Currently performing with audio-visual artist Charles-Andre Coderre, Radwan released his second full-length “If He Dies, If If If If If If” in September via Constellation records, and “7ebr el 3oyoun” was the first taste of the album.

“It is a song that is in two parts, the first being a pensive dream state, seeing and reflecting on four elements that point to a Mesopotamian landscape, but one that is slightly distorted and always paired,” says Radwan when we ask him about this song. “Two crescents, two palm trees, two cheeks and two rivers.”

“The song then falls into its second part,” adds Radwan, “where a rupture occurs, we are in an anchored rhythm and where ‘I’ talk about ‘me’, in that ‘I’ am cementing the idea that ‘I write with my eyes, and what I write is not a lie’.”

Jerusalem In My Heart is currently touring Europe, partly alongside Suuns. If you spend November in France, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, UK or Turkey – you might take a look at the schedule.


Photo credit: Joseph Yarmush

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