Possibly Poland’s most successful synth-pop group of the recent years, Kamp! unexpectedly released their second album in October, now followed by a gorgeous video for the track called “Dorian”.

“It’s not a typical single. It’s actually even hard to call it a song, yet it’s not a club instrumental either,” the trio told us. “But from the very beginning we were convinced of its pop potential, and we thought it sums up the direction we were going with our music on the new record. So choosing ‘Dorian’ for the video seemed natural.”

And sport seemed a natural companion to “Dorian’s” rapid pace and its jagged rhythm. “This chopped pulse inspired a GIF-like, desynchronized edit,” the Polish group said, “which eventually led us to the final clip.”

They shared all of their initial ideas and visual concepts with the screenwriter and director Łukasz Zabłocki, who shaped them into something more consistent. “And only after the video was finished,” the band said, “we realised how closely it relates to the song’s lyrics, especially on emotional level.”


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