Koala Voice

People, they grow up. Koalas, they also grow up. It’s been 3 years since Koala Voice released their debut album “Kangaroo’s a Neighbour” which was followed by more than 130 European club and festival shows.

They became more determined and their live performance got heavier. They grew up from a high school band to one of the best young Slovenian rock acts.

Their latest album “Wolkenfabrik” is still playful and driven by a lot of catchy melodies, but it also moved towards more significant and deeper lyrics. This album contains 10 diversified songs that will drive you through their life’s journey. “Wolkenfabrik” was produced and mixed by Danton Supple, who also worked with artists like Coldplay, Morrisey, Brian Eno etc. (Dražen Perić)


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