Kobieta z Wydm

“And what if this taste / Will stay on the lips till the end / And will wake up at night / And spoil the appetite for sun during the day.”

“Woman from Dunes” is the title of a classic Japanese movie from 1964 directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara. Translated into Polish, it has become the name of the new project of Błażej Król – an acclaimed 33-year-old musician from western Poland – his wife Iwona Król, and drummer Mateusz Rychlicki (from legendary band Kristen).

Together, they have set to create music full of “weird anxiety”, “covered with sludge”, but with some “light on the shoulder” – as Kobieta z Wydm have described their debut album “Bental“, released earlier this year on Thin Man Records.

On this first 11-track effort, they offer us a collection of 11 concise tracks that usually don’t last longer than 2-3 minutes. Before you could get tired of any song’s intensity or its monotonous character – somehow the trio manage to combine both of these features – a new one will start, leaving you a bit confused but curious of what’s coming next.

The band’s recent single “A co jeśli” (“And what if”) is a great example of this approach. While it’s almost the longest track on the album, it feels like an epic post-rock hymn stopped in the middle of the first culmination – when you’d expect to get at least two more.

The “weird anxiety” of the trio’s music is represented in both sound and words. But maybe not understanding the lyrics will only make the music weirder and more obscure for you – and the band should be delighted with that.

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Photo: Wdowikowski Wróbel

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