Laika Suns

Arnis Račinskis, the frontman of Laika Suns, is a busy bee in the Latvian music scene. In fact, all band members of Laika Suns are engaged in other successful bands.

For example the drummer, Peteris Lunde, plays in The Sound Poets – a Latvian band on the verge of international success. And the bass player, Kārlis Strūbergs, heads Momend.

Latvian rock dream team of Laika Suns released “Ir Jau Vēls” (It’s already late) from their new album together with a beautiful music video. The song alludes to the arrival of spring and all things new, encouraging themselves and others to let go of unnecessary things of the past.

Laika Suns on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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