Eduardo Gimenez

Eduardo Giménez was born in 1970 in Montevideo, Uruguay, where began his music career 20 years later. First, as part of the rock band Dulce Mosca, and then of Déjame Pensar.

Similtanously, he spent a lot of time in tango bars in the old town of Montevideo. And in one of them, called “Esquina Portena”, he began his career as a tango singer, performing together with the veterans of this musical style.

In 1996, he got a scholarship to study singing at the Academy of Music in Vilnius and therefore moved to Lithuania.

“Fotos“ is a song from Eduardo’s latest solo album, “Viento”, which was produced by Leon Somov, one of most popular Lithuanian producers these days.

Even if “Viento” sounds more electronic than you would expect, it the Latin-American atmosphere is still there.


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