Los Besos

Japanese laundry in Buenos Aires? With a video “Helados verdes”, Los Besos invite us to try their similarly titled 6-track effort.

After two EPs (compiled as a unique album on Bandcamp) and last year “Un disco de Los Besos”, last June Argentinean band Los Besos published “Helados verdes“, their new effort with a new line-up: Paula Trama (voice and guitar), Federico Fragalá (keys), Sebastián Rey (bass), Víctor Rallis (trumpet and voice) and Ariel Chisleanschi (drums).

Trama is the songwriter of each of the six songs included in this new album (she has more beautiful songs published as solo artist), marked with the enchant of her poetry. The subtle things of life, romance and on-line life are the key elements of her narrative, and now sounds more electric thanks to the band and to the producer Dante Frágola.

The song that has lent its name to the album has a beautiful videoclip directed by Michelle Gualda, which follows a story inside Japanese laundry rooms in Buenos Aires inspired in the existential question of how to evoke memories.

Stream “Helados verdes” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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