New Italian duo Malihini bring us a dynamic second single “Miss”, hopefully a promise of more music to come soon.

Malihini are Federica Caiozzo and Giampaolo Speziale; they’re from Rome and now live in London. Federica was the frontwoman of soul-jazz oriented band Jobi 4 and she’s still active with her solo songwriting project Thony.

“Miss” is Malihini’s second single, and it’s dreamy, warm and psychedelic at the same time. There’s this short keyboard riff that goes on throughout the whole song, and the sound goes around it with dynamism, intensity and variety.

The male vocals are intense as well, and the interaction with the female ones in the chorus is perfectly on point. The video is very dynamic and perfectly pairs with the song.

We don’t know when Malihini will release more music, but the duo absolutely deserve to be followed.


Malihini on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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