Matej Foltz

Beat the drum and let the poet speak!

Matej Foltz is bringing ’90s hip-hop era back with a modern twist in his new single “Ponedelnik” (meaning “Monday”). This 20-year-old artist based in Skopje presents mature music that is more refined and even better expressed than his “older colleagues”. Matej’s lyrical flow makes him enjoyable to listen.

“Ponedelnik” is our aloneness with such beauty and depth that we’re not lonely. We all need to press the “restart” button because of all the noise, problems, technology… In a fast world, we need to think slow.

With so much going on, Matej may seem like he’s disconnected. But actually what he tries to do is to stay connected with himself. And stay conscious.

Both flow and beat are dope. Also, I found it interesting that few high school friends made the video and the whole production for this single. True DIY ethic. They definitely brought new energy and freshness to the hip-hop scene in Macedonia.

You can also check out his hip-hop crew ZeeBomb and their last single “Plen“.


Matej Foltz on Instagram, Youtube.

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