Maurizio Chi

Debut album by Maurizio Chi proves he’s one of the most original new singer-songwriters in the Italian music scene.

Maurizio Chi was born in Sicily in southern Italy, in 1983, and now lives in Veneto (north-eastern Italy). He recently won a songwriting contest and this led to his signing as a songwriter for Universal Music Italy.

“Due” (Two), his debut album, was released on October 28th. There is a lot of variety in this album: “Nudo” (Naked), the song of this videoclip, is sharp and guitar driven, but there are different styles and sound throughout the whole record. Maurizio’s voice sounds rough and sour, and this, coupled with his strong and straightforward lyrics, makes the songs very intense and realistic.

Maurizio is not afraid to show that his songs are dedicated to another man, often using male gender words. This rarely happens in Italy, where even openly gay popstars keep using neutral gender words in their lyrics.

The album “Due” is one of the most original and genuine examples of songwriting pop in Italy at the moment.

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