Mes de Mayo

Still a very young band, the five-piece Mes de Mayo come from the Argentinean city of La Plata, and sound different than anyone else in the local scene.

“Indie platense” sound is something very well-known in Argentina. But Mes do Mayo’s guitars are rather influenced by dream-pop groups like Beach Fossils or Wild Nothing, and also a bit of dark pop from the 80s.

No member of Mes de Mayo is over 21 years old yet, and still they have already released 3 EPs (one per year since they got together). And in the last weeks of 2015, they published “Tormenta” EP via Triple RRR label, a record consisting of 4 songs.

Below you can stream the opening track, “Forajido”, and the whole album here.

Photo credit: Manuela Hernandez

Mes de Mayo on Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook.

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