Mimes Of Wine

Mimes Of Wine started as a solo project of Laura Loringa in Bologna in 2007, and became a band in 2009.

They released two full albums, “Apocalypse Sets In” in 2009 and “Memories of the Unseen” in 2012. Their third album, “La Maison Verte” is being released in Europe on October 21st, but it was already released in USA in June. Laura lives between Bologna and Los Angeles and played some shows in the USA last spring to promote the American release. The song “Bird Of A Feather” was released in Italy in April, as a teaser for this new record.

Since their very beginning, Mimes Of Wine music was based on the combination of strength and warmth of both Laura’s voice and the way she plays piano. This song features the usual strengths and a solid and dynamic sound around them. The melody is brilliant and lyrics are intense and poetic, describing the moment when life is turning to death in a delicate and evoking way.

As the years go by, the band around Laura (Stefano Michelotti: nychelharpa, accordion, dan-bau, shruti box and more, Matteo Zucconi: stand-up bass, pedals, Luca Gugliemlino: guitar, and Riccardo Frisari: drums) gives a more and more significant contribution to the songs, and, at least on this song, you can hear a more cooperative sound than in the past.

The album will be worth a listen for sure.


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