“It is a song about couples which brush the dust off their faded relationships,” Moldovan quintet Cuibul tell us about their latest video “Așa și așa”, or “So-so” in English.

The band started in early 90s founded by Igori Dînga, the music producer of the famous group Zdob și Zdub, and after some changes and break-ups over the years they’re currently fronted by the talented singer Lydia Scarlat.

“When our love becomes so-so and full of scratches, maybe it’s time to brighten up our own lives and move on,” the band explain the main message of the song.

As the music is a blend of styles ranging from gypsy jazz to lounge to the atmosphere of the ’50s, it inspired the respected Moldovan film director Igor Cobileanski to direct a video in with a similar feeling.

He chose a historic site of Chisinau, Moldova’s capital, for the shooting. He also collected tons of antiques, including the first model of the famous Volga car. Showing 7 couples in some very so-so moments, he seems to suggest that all you need is… well, check out for yourself.


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